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Barrier Pest Services, a leader in residential and commercial pest control and extermination, is proud to serve clients in Summerville, South Carolina. For over 20 years, we have provided pest control services in Summerville such as termite inspection and extermination, ant controlroach controlmosquito control, spider control, rat and mice control, as well as CL-100 inspections.

From Summerville’s beautiful Azalea Park to the many downtown antique stores, we love to call the Lowcountry our home. One thing that makes the south difficult to live in, is the humidity, mosquitoes, gnats and Palmetto bugs. The hot, humid weather and pests can take a real toll on you and your family, as well as your home or business. Choosing an experienced pest control business can save you time and money while enhancing your quality of life. We can service your home, yard, or businesses in 29456, 29483, 29484, 29485, 29486, and everywhere else in Summerville and surrounding zip codes.

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The scenic town of Summerville, SC, located just a few miles northwest of Charleston, was established after the American Revolution by plantation owners trying to escape the summer heat, mosquitoes, and seasonal insects. Summerville also offered a place for the owners and their families to get away from the hectic lifestyle surrounding the Charleston harbor and port. “The Flowertown in the Pines” is a beautiful, southern town and Barrier Pest Services is proud to assist home and business owners in the area with any of their pest and termite extermination and Real Estate CL100 report needs.

charleston termites extermination

According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause over $5 billion of damage to property in the U.S. each year.

With the subtropical, humid environment, wood rot can often cause significant damage to residential homes and commercial buildings. In South Carolina, the CL-100 Inspection Report, or Termite report is called the Official South Carolina Wood Infestation Report and is required during the sale of structural property involving a lending institution. Barrier Pest Services can provide this required realtor’s report after conducting a thorough inspection.

Whether you’re visiting the Colonial Dorchester State Historic Site or the Farmer’s Market, we know you are happy to be in Summerville and we want to be there for you to make sure you are satisfied.

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