charleston termidor injection system

Termidor injection system

Barrier Pest Services is excited to now be one of several certified pest management companies in South Carolina offering BASF’s innovative Termidor® HP High Precision Injection System to residential and commercial customers. Barrier Pest Services has been a certified BASF partner since 2002.

Barrier Pest Services owner, Trip Cummings explains that this new application system will further improve the effectiveness of the performance of the Termidor product with better soil penetration, decreased application time and a less disturbed application area.

“The Termidor HP injection system allows us to provide the most accurate and efficient termite treatments possible.”, says Cummings.

What is the Termidor HP Precision Injection System?

The Termidor HP High Precision Injection System is a revolutionary termite treatment that’s applied using an accurate and powerful termiticide delivery system to protect your structure. Compared to traditional application practices, this new application technology creates a more uniform treatment zone with minimal disruption to your landscaping. This method avoids the side effects of traditional termite treatments that require trenching and rodding the soil around the foundation of your home or business. Combining these benefits with the strength of Termidor means you can stay confident that your home or business is protected.

What are some of the features of the system?

A few of the most beneficial features include:

  • Eliminates manual trenching and rodding
  • Optimizes efficiency by minimizing labor
  • Creates an accurate, continuous treatment zone with Termidor termiticide
  • Termidor termiticide provides 100% termite control in 3 months.

What are some of the benefits of the Termidor System?

The Termidor HP High Precision Injection System has many benefits over traditional treatment options:

The application time is relative depending on the house or business and its surroundings, but in general, it takes about one-third of the time of traditional treatments.

Hydraulic trenching with the Termidor HP Precision Injection System removes the need for manual trenching, drilling and rodding in most applications. Treatment to depth is no longer required in most instances. The system’s onboard computer consistently applies an exact amount of finished dilution. We can use it to apply Termidor termiticide for continuous and uniform treatment zones, resulting in termite control within three months. The system also offers minimal disruption to landscapes and eliminates the need for drilled holes in patios and pavers.

How does the system work?

This system uses a modern delivery method that won’t harm your landscape and with its onboard computer, the advanced technology creates an accurate continuous treatment zone.

Prior to the new injection system, termite work was a very labor intensive process and included loading and mixing the insecticide and then preparing the site for treatment. With the Termidor HP injection system, much of this process is now replaced by technology, which saves valuable time and money.

The integrated system injects termiticide pressurized to approximately 4,000 psi to a depth of 12 inches, the primary termite activity zone, and it’s all done in one step. Water and Termidor HP termiticide are mixed inline, which guarantees treatment accuracy of 1/10th of an ounce. This injection system eliminates trenching under most circumstances, provides a uniform perimeter treatment and leaves landscaping virtually undisturbed.

Interested in even more application details?

There are two parts to the Termidor HP injection system: the Precision Injection Device (PID) and the base unit. The larger base unit pressurizes the water. The PID, equipped with a small tank to hold the termiticide and tethered by a 300-foot hose to the base unit, enables us to conveniently move the portable unit around the perimeter of a building.

Additionally, the Termidor HP injection system has onboard computers that help to ensure treatment accuracy and precision, and customer satisfaction. It measures the volume of Termidor HP termiticide and water to an exact finished concentration, which prevents over or under usage. The onboard computer also documents treatment details in real time and records to the Termidor HP website for us to access and manage at a later date.