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spiders in the winter house

Spiders actually are not more likely to enter the home in the winter to escape the cold, but are seen more due to their spring hatching and searching for food.

Searching for a dependable pest control and termite extermination company in the Berkeley, Dorchester, or Charleston county areas of South Carolina?

As a premier pest control company along the coastal region of South Carolina, Barrier Pest Services stands out with its expert knowledge and cutting-edge equipment. We offer comprehensive treatments for both the interior and exterior of your home or business, utilizing a combination of liquids, baits, and dusts to maintain a pest-free environment. Rest assured, all our products are applied in a manner that is completely safe for children and pets.

Pest Inspection Services

At Barrier Pest Services, we provide thorough pest inspection services to proactively identify potential pest issues in your residence or commercial space. Our certified pest inspectors furnish you with a detailed report of our findings and recommend the most suitable actions to prevent further damage. Our services are readily available in Berkeley, Dorchester, and Charleston counties.

Pest Control Services

Whether you’re grappling with ants, cockroaches, spiders, termites, gnats, or any other pest, Barrier Pest Services has the expertise and equipment to tackle them effectively. Our pest management methods are both safe and environmentally friendly, tailored precisely to your unique pest predicament. This ensures your property remains free from pests, while your family or customers are shielded from harm.

Termite Control Services

Unchecked, termites can wreak havoc on your property. Luckily, Barrier Pest Services specializes in termite control. Our expert team deploys a combination of baiting systems, liquid treatments, and monitoring systems to eradicate termites and keep them at bay.

Rodent Control Services

Mice and rats not only damage property but also pose health risks. Barrier Pest Services offers rodent control services designed to eliminate these pests once and for all. Our specialists employ baiting systems, traps, and exclusion techniques to eliminate rodents and prevent their return.

For top-tier pest management services in Berkeley, Dorchester, or Charleston counties of South Carolina, entrust your needs to Barrier Pest Services. Our dedicated professional team is committed to delivering effective and reliable services to homes and businesses in the region. Don’t allow pests to take control of your property – reach out to Barrier Pest Services today for a comprehensive pest inspection and highly effective pest control solutions.

We can effectively inspect and treat most crawling insects, including:

It’s All About the Details

Our services even includes sweeping down spider webs on the exterior of the home, baiting and trapping for rats and mice and interior flea treatments. If you have any problems between visits, we’ll come back out at no charge. We guarantee it.

Disclaimer: This webpage is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional pest and termite control advice. For expert guidance on pest control, infestations, and extermination, contact Barrier Pest Services.