Barrier Pest Services Online PaymentsGreat News! We have launched a new software system for technician services, tickets, customer data, and billing. We are sure you will notice some of the enhancements such as electronic signatures, emailed statements, and online payment options.

As of this month, we will be billed with the new software to ensure prompt delivery of service tickets, invoices, and statements to you, our customer. You can use the new portal with your old account number “103841” to access your new account. Click the “Get Login Info” button to create a new password. Direct yourself to for access to your account and get started.

If you would like to receive your invoice and service ticket via email, call our office at (843) 225-8250 or ask your technician to add your email address the next time you have your service completed.

Please note that we can send the service ticket to one individual, and the invoice to another, or we can send both by adding additional contacts.

Customer Portal